We can supply undercarriage parts for Japanese Excavator & Bulldozer etc Heavy Equipment spare parts and Undercarriage parts
for Japanese equipments.

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Seq No. Product Name Equipment Manufacturer Model P/N Weight(Kg/Pce)
22487 Tire Chain Motor Grader KOMATSU GD305A GD355A GD405A GD605A GD655-3 GD707A GD805A GH320 0
22486 Tire Chain Wheel Loader KOMATSU SK05 SK07 WA20 WA30 WA40 WA40-1 WA50 WA80 WA100 WA100M WA150 WA200 WA250 WA300 WA350 WA380 WA400 WA430 WA450 WA470 WA480 WR8 WR11 0
22489 Tire Chain Motor Grader Caterpillar MG3 MG100 MG130 MG230 MG300 MG330 MG350 MG430 MG500-S GD750R GD825A 0
22488 Tire Chain Wheel Loader Caterpillar WS210A WS310A WS410A WS510A WS500 910G 914G 916 918 924GZ 926 926G 928G 936 938G 950G 960 962G 966G 970 972G 0
22490 Tire Chain Wheel Loader HITACHI LX15 LX20 LX30 LX40 LX50 LX70 LX80 LX100 LX110 LX130 LX150 LX160 LX230 LX300 0
22492 Tire Chain Wheel Loader KOBELCO Q-bo05 Q-bo09 40XT LK40Z LK50Z LK80Z LK120Z LK150Z LK190Z LK200 LK230Z LK270Z LK300Z LK300-2 LK310 LK350 LK400 LK470 LK500 LK600 LK700A 0
22496 Tire Chain Wheel Loader YANMAR V2 V3 V4 V5 0
22485 Tire Chain Wheel Loader KUBOTA RA300 RA401 RA501 RA601 0
22495 Tire Chain Wheel Loader FURUKAWA FL30 FL35-2 FL301 FL302 FL303 FL304 FL50-1 FL305 FL80-1 FL80-2 FL120A FL120-1 FL120-2 FL150 FL160A FL170A FL200B FL230 FL270-1 FL320A FL330 FL330-1 FL460 0
22491 Tire Chain Wheel Loader KAWASAKI KLD25Z-2 KLD30Z KLD35ZA KLD40ZA KLD43ZA KLD50Z KLD60Z KLD65Z KLD70N-2 KLD80Z-2 KLD80Z KLD85Z KLDZ-2 KLD88Z-2 KLD-M6 KLD-M9 45ZA 45Z-2 50ZA 50Z-2 60ZA 60Z-2 65ZA 70ZA 80ZA 95Z-2 97Z-3 0
22493 Tire Chain Wheel Loader TCM 605 606 607 608 610 803 804 805 806 808A-2 815-2 820-2 830-2 850 860 865 870 880 L4-2 L5-2 L6-2 L9-2 L13-2 L16 L19 L20-2 L27 L32-2 L34 L39 0

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